Friday, July 1, 2016

Hemlock Falls

Good morning nature lovers! Yesterday the staff of Gorman made a trip out to Hemlock Falls, another portion of land that is taken care of by the Richland County Parks District. There we worked on invasive removal (garlic mustard, dame's rocket, and lesser celandine) and learned more about the rare plants that can be found at the falls! While we did get several bags worth of plant materials, the concentration of invasive species was much less than we had expected. This is very uplifting to see as it is truly a beautiful place to behold, and definitely has plenty of biodiversity worth protecting! If you'd like to visit Hemlock Falls, please contact both the Gorman Nature Center (419) 884-3764, as well as the Mohican Outdoor School (419) 938-6671 to let them know to unlock the gate and allow you to park at the entrance of the falls.There is also now a spur that connects with the Clearfork Valley Trail that allows for visitation. Just remember, PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAILS! There are plenty of rare plants on the property that should not be disturbed!

The top of Hemlock Falls

Polyphemus moth found on the property

The very beginning of the trail

The interns and director of Gorman learn about the amazing rock structures at Hemlock Falls

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